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About Le Teilhet

The original house contains a large living room with a huge traditional fireplace or “cantou” and a spacious kitchen in French style. There is also a beautiful, large room that is now used as a meditation and fitness room. There are two modernized bathrooms and three bedrooms with their original beam construction. The house and the entire barn each have a basement below. This main house has 2 terraces with a beautiful BBQ house and there is a third terrace with its own atmosphere and privacy.

Location and possibilities:

“Le Teilhet” is located on a sunny southern slope where the sun can shine freely and is located in an ideal area between the three climates: marine, continental and Mediterranean. Winters are mild and summers are warm but not too extreme. There is usually a nice gentle breeze on the slope.

In addition to the traditional main house, the domain includes three luxury and profitable holiday homes that are built for running guesthouses or the rental of gîtes. Because each vacation house has its own kitchen and private terrace, our guests are completely independent. The beautiful barn lends itself to exhibitions or the practice of music or dance performances, for example. There are two indoor workshops, but you can also keep horses or other animals here. The building complex is about 30 meters long, as is the huge basement.

More about the possibilities

You can run three thriving guesthouses with lots of extra space and private land for additional activities.

You have complete privacy here and you can grow vegetables yourself or run a business remotely with superfast internet via the new fiber optic. All a short distance from the idyllic Argentat-sur-Dordogne. The only thing you will encounter along the way is nature, a castle on the water and an impressive dam. That ride is never boring!

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